Research-Focused Blockchain Investment Firm


What we do. zk Capital provides venture capital services - financing, mentoring, and research collaboration to emerging and start-up companies, namely in the blockchain technology space. Working with zk Capital also means access to our extensive research and partnership network. zk Capital believes in teams with strong technical foundations and the potential to push past the boundaries of today’s technologies.


Impactful technological revolutions don’t occur often. The backbone of the Internet was created through decades of research, accelerated by pioneers in academia and industry. Today, modern society cannot function without the World Wide Web. Blockchain technology represents a shift in core infrastructure, opening up a new revolution of censorship-resistant, unstoppable applications, and economies.



"we know successful blockchain projects need more than just capital - we come in with our research expertise to collaborate with teams on critical technical questions at the forefront of the industry" - zk Capital Team

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